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    Are you an Australian Food or Agriculture business looking to grow? Could that growth come from beyond Australia’s borders?
    Huntingford Advisory focuses on trade and investment between China and Australia.
    Our Food and Agriculture practice helps:
    ·       Owners sell their businesses, find investment partners and form joint ventures;
    ·       Businesses expand in their existing markets and enter new ones; and
    ·       Founders develop their business models.
    Huntingford Advisory sees the following key opportunities for Australian Food and Agriculture businesses:
    ·       Demand in Asia for the high safety and quality standards of Australia’s Food value chain;
    ·       Significant potential to add value to Australia’s primary produce and market it at a premium in Asia;
    ·       Potential for foreign investment and trade to expand and diversify family Food and Agriculture businesses to encourage the involvement of future generations;
    ·       Opportunity to use overseas investment instead of, or in addition to, debt to acquire more land;
    ·       Commercialisation of the Intellectual Property that Australian Food and Agriculture businesses create, often out of sheer operational necessity;
    ·       Exporting as a service, especially to nations with emerging Food and Agriculture industries, the considerable Intellectual Capital possessed by the owners and employees of Australian Food and Agriculture businesses; and
    ·       Potential to markedly increase capital inflows to the Australian Agriculture sector by educating the foreign investment community about how professional and industrialised the local sector is.
    If you are an Australian Food or Agriculture business looking for a trade or investment partner in China, please contact Edward Huntingford on +852 9829 2774 or by email to:

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