China Meat Import Platform Invites Goods & Services Partners

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    Huntingford Advisory

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    Huntingford Advisory has been working with a beef producer in New South Wales, Australia and distributors in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen, China to export red meat from Australia to Greater China.
    As we develop the platform to facilitate the regular supply of red meat and frozen deer meat (with a view to exporting white meat and game meat in future) from Australia to Greater China, we are seeking expressions of interest to supply goods and services to the platform from:
    ·       meat producers with the capacity to supply goods for export;
    ·       meat processors prepared to gain the relevant registrations, certifications and verifications (especially for organic produce) for import into Mainland China;
    ·       cold-chain logistics service providers; and
    ·       distributors, foodservice businesses and retailers in Greater China (particularly of premium products).
    Our platform is designed to provide the freshest and highest quality Australian meat to foodservice businesses and retailers in Greater China.
    As such, we would be particularly interested in receiving expressions of interest from service providers specialising in anti-counterfeiting technology and measures to track the provenance of food.
    Should you wish to express interest in supplying goods or services to our platform, please do not hesitate to contact Edward Huntingford at:
    For further information about Huntingford Advisory, please click here:
    NB This is not a solicitation for investment in this venture. If the consortium raises outside capital, it will invite tenders from appropriately qualified and licensed entities to lead such an exercise. You should seek independent advice before relying on any of the above information.

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