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What problem does Farms and Finance help solve?

Too many farmers in Australia borrow too much debt.

What is Farms and Finance?

Farms and Finance is the tool we use to broker introductions.

Why should I use Farms and Finance?

I should use Farms and Finance because I am a farmer trying to find the right strategic investment partner who is out there for me.
It feels like there are more and more new investors are realising they need investment relationships with people like me because we control upstream production in the supply chain that helps improve food security.

What problem do I have that I can use Farms and Finance to help me solve?

My competitors are growing by arranging third party capital as equity rather than borrowing more money from a bank.
My farm requires my full-time attention, I do not have enough time to leave it and spending too much time in the city is probably required to meet enough potential equity partners and figure out who are the right ones for me.


Why would I need a compatible 3rd party investor?

I hear that some strategic investors want to trade flow or off-take rights to send products into markets where they control access to demand like China, now Australia’s largest trading partner.
I also hear some invest only in food businesses in which they have some investment ownership because they feel that helps them improve security of supply.

What four key goals can be easier for me to achieve using Farms and Finance?

Goal #1) Maintain enough of my privacy, personal and commercial, so I feel comfortable to search online for potentially compatible Joint Venture or Investment Partners.
Goal #2) Start interviewing more investors more easily who have commercial goals that are more closely aligned with my own.
Goal #3) Obtain mutual consent from two people who want me to introduce them BEFORE I agree to do that by email or any other way.
Goal #4) Refer stories to help mates, clients, colleagues, friends, family or associates by forwarding links to stories on Farms and Finance by email, Facebook, LinkedIn, WeChat, WhatsApp and any online messaging services.

How do I communicate with one of the investors or agribusiness owners introducing their story on Farms and Finance?

Ask the Relationship Manager managing their story online to help you.

How do I post a story on Farms and Finance?

Let us introduce you to one of our Relationship Managers or reach out and contact one of them directly for assistance.
Or if easier for you then simply reach out directly and introduce yourself directly anytime to a Relationship Manager.

How much does it cost for me to post a story about my business on Farms and Finance?

Costs for you to post a story are determined by your Relationship Manager.

Who do I pay to post my story on Farms and Finance?

You pay your Relationship Manager.

Do all Relationship Managers charge the same fee prices and offer the same services?

Different Relationship Managers may offer to charge different costs for different services.
Services, fees and prices offered are independently determined by each different Relationship Manager.

Are services, fees and prices negotiable with the Relationship Manager?

This depends on the Relationship Manager and the situation.

Does Farms and Finance permit me to work with more than one Relationship Manager?


Why would I want to work with more than one Relationship Manager?

One reason could be that working with only one Relationship Managers may limit my ability to meet as many people as possible.
Another reason could be that listing different stories introducing me in different ways for different business reasons is a way to improve my chances of meeting the right person.

Can I serve as my own Relationship Manager of my own story on Farms and Finance?

To learn more, contact the owner / operator of Farms and Finance by email to: story@farmsandfinance.com

Are Relationship Managers employees of Farms and Finance?

Relationship Managers are 3rd party consultants working independently using the Farms and Finance online meeting place.
Relationship Managers are clients of Farms and Finance.

Do Relationship Managers introduce their clients free-of-charge only or can they also propose to charge fees in exchange for their services such as an introduction?

This depends on the Relationship Manager, their client or both.
Different Relationship Managers can offer different terms for different situations.
Some introductions may be free and other introductions may be offered only in exchange for a fee.
Terms for introduction services are usually displayed by the Relationship Manager near the top of each story.
Best to ask the Relationship Manager directly if you have any questions about the terms for an introduction to a business owner or investor featured in a particular story

Why would I pay a fee to a Relationship Manager in exchange for them introducing me to their client?

The most efficient way for you to begin a relationship with their client featured in the posted story that aligns with your commercial interest may be to pay a fee to that Relationship Manager.

If I have a problem that one of the Relationship Managers can not help me with then who else may be able to help me?

Contact the owner / operator of the Farms and Finance platform by email to: story@farmsandfinance.com

Who owns and operates Farms and Finance?

Farms and Finance is owned and operated by AVC & Co. More information is available here: www.avcaar.com

What does the owner / operator of Farms and Finance do?

The owner / operator of Farms and Finance provides you with three key services.

Service #1 ) Verify the Identity of every Relationship Manager on Farms and Finance.
Service #2 ) Issue and lease story ID Numbers Only to Verified Relationship Managers at their Request in Exchange for a Pre-Agreed Fee.
Service #3 ) Provide the Farms and Finance online meeting place where only verified story ID holders can post, exhibit and manage an agribusiness story about their own business or one on behalf of their own client for the purpose of an introduction.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.


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