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What does the Farms and Finance market place look like?

Click Here to View a Picture of the Marketplace.

How do I load the app on to my mobile phone?

Watch this 33 second You Tube clip by clicking here


How do I find investor relationships by starting on my mobile phone?

Watch this 60 second You Tube video by clicking here:

How do I post a story about my business for investors to see on Farms and Finance?

Let us introduce you to one of our Relationship Managers or reach out to contact one of them directly.  

How much does it cost for me to post a story about my business on Farms and Finance?

Costs for you to post your story are determined by your Relationship Managers on Farms and Finance.

Do all Relationship Managers charge the same price and provide the same services?

No – Different Relationship Managers may charge different costs for different services. Services and prices are independently determined by each different Relationship Manager.

How do Relationship Managers work with Farms and Finance?

Relationship Managers are 3rd party consultants and clients of Farms and Finance.

If I have a problem that one of the Relationship Managers can not help me with then who else may be able to help me?

Contact the owner and operator of the Farms and Finance platform by email to: story@farmsandfinance.com

Who owns and operates Farms and Finance?

Farms and Finance is owned and operated by AVC & Co. More information is available here: www.avcaar.com

What does the owner of Farms and Finance do?

The owner of Farms and Finance provides you with three key services.


1) Verify the Identity of every Relationship Manager on Farms and Finance.


2) Issue and lease story ID Numbers Only to Verified Relationship Managers at their Request in Exchange for a Pre-Agreed Fee.


3) Provide the Farms and Finance Online Marketplace where only verified story ID holders can post, exhibit and manage an agribusiness story about their own business or one on behalf of their own client.



Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.


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