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Helping you at Farms and Finance is our story. If you would like to contact us directly then send your request by clicking the Private Message button or by email to: story@farmsandfinance.com
Profile picture of Adam Gregory Goern
  I am a private investor in the Tasmanian food industry.   To help more people, especially in Tasmania, understand the power, benefits and risks of the Silk...
Profile picture of Tasmania Agribusiness Expert Seeks Introductions to Food Tech Clients & Partners – storyID 5400
  I want to introduce you to one of my expert associates so that it’s easier for you to find strategic partners to grow your agribusiness project in Tasmania.   He is keen...
Profile picture of Australian Organic Rice Brand Producer Seeks Partners in Tasmania – storyID 5300
  I can introduce you to an organic rice farmer who owns, grows and distributes a boutique retail brand of organic rice to supermarkets and chefs at high-profile restaurants in Sydney ...
Profile picture of Tasmanian Food Brand Manufacturer Seeks Introductions to FMCG Consultants – storyID5000
  My client is a rapidly growing food manufacturer based in Tasmania.   They are seeking an expert in the FMCG sector of plant-based foods. &n...
Profile picture of Tassie Food Brand Seeks Introductions to Rice Farmers in Tasmania - storyID 4800
  One of my corporate partners wants to buy at least 40 tons of rice grown in Tasmania.   This is why they are looking for introductions to Tasmanian far...
Profile picture of Erriba Property Owners Seek Honey Bee Site Partners - storyID 4900
My neighbours in Erriba want introductions to meet bee keepers who need to find new bee sites because of the recent fires in Tasmania. . My neighbour's ...
Profile picture of Michael Badcock of Enchanted Isle Farm
  Because of my life history I am very familiar with farmers and business owners across most of Tasmania.   In 2016 I was awarded 2 ABC / Kondinin Australian Farm...
Profile picture of Tasmania Food Brand Investor Seeks Introductions to Business Partners – storyID 4105
  One of our new neighbors near Forth Valley on the road to Cradle Mountain recently moved to Tasmania after living more than 20 years in Asia and most recently in Hong Kong. ...
Profile picture of Greg Bott of Bott Consulting
  Hello there.  My name is Greg Bott.   Launceston, Tasmania is where I live and work.   Rabobank, the world's largest lender in agriculture, is where I worked during an importa...
Profile picture of New Fruit Farm Conversion Seeks Investment Partner - storyID 4045
  What I like most about this agribusiness investment is the opportunity to partner with a very talented farmer who is capable and keen to expand.   Fruit orchards to grow cherries or gra...
Profile picture of Vegetable Farm Owner Operator in Tasmania Seeks Equity Partner - storyID 4042
  My client is an excellent vegetable farmer in a very good growing area of Tasmania.   He is looking for the right equity partner as a way to expand his business.   Vegetable farm...
Profile picture of Pat on Farms and Finance
G'day - my name is Pat. I am your virtual introduction assistant dedicated to help you with introductions. How can I help you online here on Farms and Finance ? You can email me here: ...
Profile picture of Tasmania Craft Milk Brand Founder Seeks Business Partners - storyID 4098
  My client needs to meet like-minded stake-holders in the dairy milk industry of Tasmania. The reason is that my client has the goal to birth a new retail brand ...
Profile picture of Sale / Leaseback of Milk Dairy Farm in Tasmania - storyID 4002
  The goal of our client is to sell for A$10 million and lease back for 5 years the 1,100 acres of freehold land with one operational milk dairy farm owned by his business near Smithto...

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