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  1. Overview. An overview of the business:
    1. When did you start? How long have you been doing it? What do you do? Where do you do it (for legal, regulatory and tax purposes)? How steady are the earnings?
  2. Relationships. List your accountant, auditor, bank, key customers, key suppliers, government, etc. Do you hold any permits, licences or anything government issued?
    1. Show the renewal dates, if any.
  3. Your edge. Why invest in this business instead of a competitor?
    1. List at least 3 edges, and how robust or defendable they are.
  4. The Team. An overview of the key executives and how long they’ve worked together?
    1. Include a small picture of each staff member.
    2. List a few bullet points of where they worked, and what they achieved.
  5. Summary table of financials. Previous 3 years and future forecast of next 3 years showing unit prices, revenues, expenses, EBITDA and NPAT. 6 columns x 5 rows.
    1. Breakdown expenses into COGS, salaries, and other. Show any dividends paid
  6. Independent reports. Are there any independent reports or audits supporting your assets, resources, production? Who wrote them, and when?
  7. Cycle (For commodities only). Include a chart of your commodity prices 1-2 cycles back, and 1-, 3- and 5-year futures prices forward.
  8. What to avoid: Since you already included a chart of your commodity cycle, do NOT include a business case of other reasons to invest in the underlying commodity. For example, do NOT try to to make a case for buying say, milk, gold, oil or beef.
  9. Competitors. Who are your top 3 competitors (can be combined with Valuation section).
    1. Show the competitive differences (advantages and disadvantages to your competitors.
  10. Risks. List from 3 to 7 key risks and mitigants to earnings.
  11. Conditions. Are there any relevant licensing or business conditions?
  12. Current ownership. Who are the top 3 shareholders?
  13. Valuation. What is the valuation? How have you arrived at it (P/E multiples, comparables, DCF)?
  14. Use of Funds. What will the investment funds be used for?
  15. The investment offer. How much funding for how much equity?
    1. Any other terms of sale/investment?

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